Reformer Pilates Class for Dancers - Term 4


Term 4 Reformer Pilates Dancer Class focuses on strength, flexibility, alignment and ballet technique. 1.5 hour Reformer Pilates Class. Ideal...

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The beginning

Hi everybody! My name is Pepe Havea, and I would love to share with you what we're all about.

My journey began as a former elite rhythmic gymnast. From age the of 4 till 17, devoted many years training competing locally, nationally and internationally. One of my most memorable achievements was placing 3rd place at the Australian National Titles multiple times.

The inspiration

Eventually, there came a time where I retired as a gymnast. It left me bound with many injuries and hardships but also many amazing memories and a great work ethic. It provided me with an opportunity to heal, with the Pilates method. I immediately fell in love with the practice, studied it completing a course in the Barre Body Online Teacher Training Program and KX Academy.

you belong

Moving from Gymnast to Gymnastic coach was a natural career progression. As a rhythmic gymnastics coach of 7 years, you are always looking for ways to improve the program so I implemented a specialized Pilates program for my athletes. I saw immediate and amazing results in their form, control, and body movement. It inspired me to go beyond the world of gymnastics and offer my services to whoever wanted to restore, tone, and sculpt their bodies.

Pilates is, by far, one of the best forms of training as it is low impact compared to many other exercises. It doesn't matter what age you are, who you are, or what you are. It belongs to everyone.

Your journey

Pilates can totally transform your body from injury or limitation to a body of strength, definition, and health! As it has done for me. Vela Pilates programs are developed to help you rebuild a strong foundation to help you grow and sustain strength, flexibility through the art of control. No matter what level you are at there is a class for absolutely everyone.

As advocates for diversity and accessibility, our classes are vast and offer a mixture of exercises. This includes, Mat Pilates, Yoga, Cardio Endurance, Strength-Conditioning, Stretching, and Barre.

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